• My contract looks different.  Where is everything?

    The traditional contract format has been changed in an effort to make the contracting process more efficient for our network Providers.  The old contract format was typically comprised of a Standard Contract, Attachment I, Exhibits, Attachment II (Financial and Compliance Audit Attachment), and Attachment III (HIPAA Attachment).  These elements are still in your contract but now, more tailored so only that which applies to your specific contract will be visible to you.  The signed portion is now a three-page document which is referred to as the “SEFBHN Contract” which refers to two incorporated documents in particular: SEFBHN Contractual Obligations, Regulations, and Enforcement (CORE) Handbook and SEFBHN Budget and Agency-Specific Expectations (BASE) Handbook.  The CORE Handbook will apply to all agencies without regard to services offered; it is non-negotiable language.  The BASE Handbook will contain conditions specific to your services – performance measures, funding levels, etc.  The BASE and CORE Handbooks can both be updated (without amendments) on the condition that written notification is shared with your agency; however, while the CORE Handbook is non-negotiable, SEFBHN will consider any special requests regarding changes to the BASE Handbook.

  • Where can I find information about whether match is required by my contract?

    To identify whether match is required by your contract, please consult 65E-14.005 F.A.C.  Additionally, all agencies must annually complete the Local Match Calculation Form (and, if match is required, the Annual Match Plan should also be submitted).

  • How do I submit documents to Novatus?  Where is my log-in?

    Novatus is a web-based system which does not require Provider’s to log-in.  Your Provider Relations Specialist (PRS) will send you an email from Novatus which will appear to come from Novatus directly.  That email can be replied to with attachments to upload files to your contract or, you can send a new email to the ‘from’ email address to upload files to your contract file.

  • My invoice is not being paid as requested.  Why?

    As invoices are reviewed, Concordia will be sending feedback (positive and negative) to a designated staff member at your agency.  Invoices cannot be approved unless there is enough data to justify making any payment.  In instances when no data is available for the requested services, the invoice will be denied.  In instances when some data is available for the requested services, Concordia will request SEFBHN to approve the payment in an amount which corresponds to the available data.  When Concordia shares feedback with your organization, Concordia will share a copy of the Data Versus Invoice (DVI) Report which will allow you to see what they see in the Portal.  Any questions you have about what appears on the DVI report or about your payment can be directed directly to Concordia via Billing@sefbhn.org.

  • I’d like to share best practices with the Network.  What is the best way to share it?

    SEFBHN hosts a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) meeting on the fourth Friday of each month that all Providers should attend – even those who only do non-client specific services.  The CQI Meetings review quality improvement areas across the network which regularly includes best practices, training opportunities, monitoring information, and guest speakers.  If you are ever interested in formally presenting to the group, please contact SEFBHN’s Director of Quality, Nancy Verro, at Nancy_Verro@sefbhn.org.

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